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The video side of things,
By Pete

New post at last!

December 15, 2011

How is it guys? hope you’re all well.

well, what a couple of weeks i’ve had. Pulling off 40 hour weeks, been doing lots of walks, Anders my good friend from Denmark has moved here and has landed on his feet finding a house straight away and the job hunting is going at good speed.

Christmas is just round the corner and don’t we know it, crazy busy at work with mum’s and girlfriends buying lots of t-shirts and lots of family’s stocking up that christmas tree! I’m almost wishing the 25th would come already because the bloody annoying christmas songs are playing all the time! You know how it is. A new girl has started at work called B. After getting away chatting to her finding out the usual see said she’s over at the Mount just for the summer before she heads back to Auckland to start work again as director for a TV production. Ears propped up then, after some more questions I found out she is a director for a TV program that goes rounds and shames on all of the dodgy builders that are out there ripping off people who are none the wiser. Good stuff i say. As we started to talk more i told her about my missed opportunity i had and she was gutted for me. She did say though she had connections at the local speedway with a film maker who shot all of the races she could introduce me too. Good stuff, plus we still have to talk properly over coffee because B said theres heaps of stuff she could tell me but not on a busy shop floor with Kiwi’s!

So all in all its been a good couple of weeks, bank account is growing double the rate and i’m still being a book work learning and figuring out i spose! I uploaded another lil edit i made a few days ago of Anders and i walking the Mount so check it out if you already haven’t and give me feedback. I’m making these video’s for you guys to watch and love so if their shit please tell me! Just go to the link video’s up to now above.


I will be making the Mount part 2 as soon as this weather sorts it self out, been raining hard for 4 days now without a hint of letting up, flooding and all kinds of crazy shit going on just like the UK i spose!


The Deal part 2

November 30, 2011

There is no deal! suppose I took too long to decide and got beat by an american! If only i had said yes yesterday!

It’s not all lost though, the other guy that has taken the camera assistant job has to extend his visa so lets all hope it can’t go through! Got to say i am pretty gutted at this missed opportunity but lets hope there will be times in the future with similar opportunities and i can tell you i will say YES right away!

The Deal

November 29, 2011

So, I’ve been in New Zealand for almost 7 months now. It’s crazy how time flies by. Living in Mount Maunganui in the bay of plenty for the last month. Summers about to start and i’ve been shooting lots of film in and around the area. Life is good right now and work is raising my amount in the savings slow and steadily.

Im in talks with a film editor from Immerse films, a bloke called Jono. I emailed him shortly after I arrived at the Mount asking for any work experience in the film industry he could offer me or he knew of any places, like clubs or learning centre’s he knew of. An hour later he emailed me back asking for a meeting with him and if i had any experience ¬†with animation because he was looking for one on a project he was currently doing. I emailed him back saying i’d like to meet for a coffee and I had to express I had no experience what so ever hoping he wasn’t eyeing me up for work!!

The meet went very well and we swapped numbers and we left on a good vibe with future possibilities¬†of helping him out on the odd wedding and commercial video carrying camera’s and when needed being the extra person behind a camera. He mentioned at the Meeting that he’d be travelling to South America and would be gone for a few weeks and that when he returned he’d get in touch again to sort something out. . . . . well,

After getting off the phone with him a couple of days ago I was looking at be an assistant for himself and one other travelling around New Zealand for two months filming a 13 part series about food and being edited on the road, so a TV production handed to me answering all of my work experience questions!

Sounds to good to be true but there are a few little things that may stop me from going ahead and saying yes to this, At this time, I’m not sure I’ll get paid for the 2 months travelling around the North and South Islands but I know expenses will be paid for. When I get back there will be no work for me, having to quit my job at Nevada isn’t really what I want after it took a long time to get a job and I’m not sure they’ll re-hire me when I’m finished.

So a few little things to think about before I go for it, but i have to wait until i here from Jono again before any big decisions are made. I’ll post as soon as I know. .


Welome to Pete’s blog.

November 23, 2011

How’s it all going y’all?